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What to Expect when hiring a Personal Chef in Chattanooga?

Hiring a Personal chef can be a very beneficial service for busy individuals or families.  As a Personal Chef working for you, I will create an initial assessment of your wants and needs by focusing on your preferences, allergies, likes or dislikes and any dietary restrictions.  After reviewing your assessment I will plan a weekly menu and send it to you for your approval. 

After you have approved the menu, I will consult with you on a cooking date that best works for you.  On the arranged cooking date I will shop for the freshest groceries and high quality ingredients and arrive at your home to cook.  Upon completion of your menu I will package your meals in approved containers and I will store them in your refrigerator for your consumption. 

Before I leave, I store any leftover ingredients for you to keep I will clean your kitchen which will always include washing any dishes and pans that I use, sweeping the floor and removing all trash from the house.

Reasons to Use a Personal Chef:

  1. Saves Time and Money

  2. Manages Dietary Restrictions

  3. Creates Healthy Eating Habits for a long time to come

  4. Allows you to have full control over the kinds of ingredients and menus that you are consuming

  5. Gives you more time to spend doing the things you love.

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