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Hire a Personal Chef for your Rental Cabin Vacation

Are you vacationing or plan on vacationing at one of the many rental vacation cabins in the Chattanooga area? 

How would you like to have a Professional Personal Chef come to your cabin and prepare you and your guests or family a meal that they will not soon forget, saving you time and money?

It's possible to dine in the intimacy of your vacation home or cabin, with Chef Jeffrey Martinez of Simple 2 Elegant Personal Chef Service.  Chef Martinez, will prepare an elegant meal or a casual dinner in the privacy and convenience of your weekend getaway!

As a Chef at the prestigious Golf Resort in North Carolina, The Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, Chef Martinez trained and gained his culinary skills as a Sous Chef and Executive Chef honing his culinary skills and and passion for food!

Chef Jeffrey Martinez, will consult with you and plan a menu that is designed around your individual tastes and likes.  On the day of your meal, Chef Martinez will shop for the groceries and arrive at your cabin to begin preparing your special meal.

After your meal all of the dishes will be washed and your kitchen cleaned until it is spotless! 

Simple 2 Elegant Persona Chef Service can bring a talented server with him to ensure all the guests can relax and enjoy the evening without having to lift a finger.

Looking forward to serving you and preparing a delicious meal for you!

Bon Appetit!

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